Local events

The folkloric pastoral festival "The sheep's descent" (September)

"Orăștie's personalities and events" - symposium dedicated to local personalities in the field of culture, music, literature, art, technical domains etc. Organised by the City Hall, the Local Council and the City Library of Orăştie, together with Despărţământul ASTRA and Orăştie Cultural Hall, the symposium takes place every fall (October), in the conference room of the Local Council. During this event, communications are held and articles are presented on the life and achievements of some outstanding citizens of Orastie, documentaries are presented and even books are launched.

The Intercounty Festival "The Transylvanian Căluşer" - a festival and a competition, gathering traditional căluș dancing formations of several parts of the country. Place: the Auditorium of the Cultural Hall.

The medieval festival - the Hunedoara Castle

• Sheep measuring: the end of May
• The Nedeia traditions at Bănița (20th of July: the St Elijah)